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✔ Be sure to register with your correct information while registering with HostNibo. NID or other documents maybe required later. In all cases documents are requested :

   ● While verifying the account.

   ● If the domain or hosting or HostNibo account is suspended for any reason.

✔ Rules of bad behavior : HostNibo has the right to suspend the client’s account if a client unnecessarily misbehaves with HostNibo’s staff admin and other persons.


✔ Late fee will be added to the invoice after 5 days of service or domain bill expiry, this late fee is payable to the client with no option to cancel.

✔ In case of manual payment it may take 5 minutes to 12 hours for Bkash/Rocket/Nagad.

✔ If a shared hosting package has a past due invoice, we will perform the following actions :

   ● 1-2 Days – No Action Taken

   ● 3-6 Days – Accounts are suspended

   ● 7 Days – Accounts will be terminated.

✔ You must provide reference number while making manual payment, service activation will not be possible if the reference number is not provided by mistake. So contact our support if you don’t give the reference number by mistake.

Refund and Cancellation

✔ If HostNibo fails to provide support or resolve any other issues regarding our service, the client may request a refund, refund requests will not be acceptable after 7 days.

✔ If any domain registration is done or any domain transfer is initiated, that domain fee will not be refunded.

✔ Any VPS or Dedicated Server is completely non-refundable.

✔ HostNibo never provide any kind of guarantee for the domain refund.

✔ The money deposited in the client’s account cannot be refunded, it can be used to buy any service.

✔ Refund request must be made from support ticket, refund request from anywhere other than support ticket will not be accepted.

✔ No refund will be accepted if your service is cancelled/suspended/terminated due to non-compliance with our terms.

✔ Cancel request from any other place will not be accepted, to cancel it must be canceled by the client from the client area.

✔ After submitting the cancellation request, the service cannot be reactivated in any way, you have to purchase a new package.

✔ If you want to cancel any of your services and get a refund, it must be done within 7 days and we will not be obliged to give a refund after 7 days.

✔ Choose your option to cancel the service carefully because once the cancellation request is initiated, it cannot be changed.

  Immediate cancellation means your package will be deleted within 1-24 hours of submitting the cancellation request.

  End of Billing Period means it will be active till the last billing date after which it will be auto canceled. Selecting this will not apply for refund.

✔ After submitting the cancellation request, the client must open a ticket in the billing department, after which it may take from 1 day to maximum 3 days for the refund. 

✔ Sending charges/gateway charges/cash out charges will be deducted for any refund.


HostNibo (we) are not the primary vendor of the domain TLDs. HostNibo resell / provided domain registration service as a partner from the primary vendor. The price of each domain is determined by the primary vendor. As a result, there is no scope for us to set the core price. For that, if the price of the domain is increased by the vendor/partner, the price of the domain also increases from our (HostNibo) side. Therefore, the price of each domain shown on our website is not fixed. Our domain prices may change at any time without prior notice depending on primary vendor pricing. As a domain reseller/provider HostNibo agree with Registrant Rights and Responsibilities Under the 2009 Registrar Accreditation Agreement and Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities of ICANN.

✔ Refunds will not be issued if the domain is registered after the domain is ordered.

✔ If any information is wrong while ordering, you have to take the responsibility, always try to order with all the information yourself.

✔ After registering the domain, check your mail, many important mails may be sent, such as billing information with the domain verify confirmation link, if you do not confirm the domain’s verify link, the domain will be suspended, you have to take responsibility of this.

✔ You have to renew the domain before your domain expires, you may have to pay extra fees when it expires, transfer will not be allowed after the domain expires.

✔ HostNibo has the right to suspend the domain if the user violates any policy, after that any objection from the client will not be accepted.

✔ After buying the domain, many times Facebook blocks the domain for content violation, in this case the customer has to take the responsibility.

✔ If there is a report against the domain, the domain will be suspended without any notification, then contact us and complete the next steps.

✔ We are not responsible if any domain main registrar is suspended due to reports. The client can apply for domain unlock through a support ticket. It will take 24-72 hours to contact the Register.

Shared Hosting

✔ After purchasing hosting from us, the client will have to take the responsibility if any file database is changed/deleted without understanding or by mistake.

✔ If there is a report against the domain, the domain will be suspended without any notification, then contact us and complete the next steps.

✔ HostNibo will not take responsibility for data loss due to server crash or any tech related reasons, HostNibo has only provided hosting service and has not taken responsibility for data backup, after that HostNibo automatically saves data on remote server. Sometimes due to technical reasons, data is not stored on remote server. For this the client needs to regularly download backups from cPanel at their own risk. HostNibo does not provide remote backup capabilities either.

✔ HostNibo will facilitate free transfer from cPanel to cPanel, any manual transfer charge will be ৳500-2000, depending on the data of the site will be more or less.

✔ If you need backup for suspended account, you need to pay ৳500 one time fee. Note: We do not provide any guarantee on terminated account backup.

✔ If payment is not made before the end of the due date, the user’s service will be automatically suspended within a maximum of 48-72 hours. If a customer does not pay within 7 days for those services then his account/service will be permanently terminated.

✔ HostNibo has the right to suspend or terminate the hosting if the user violates any policy, after that any objection from the client will not be accepted.

✔ If there is a report against the domain, the domain will be suspended without any notification, then contact us and complete the next steps.

Abuse Policy

✔ Hosting or domain Suspension Reasons :

  Movie Downloading Uploading Audio/Video

  Money Exchange or Cryptocurrency Exchange site without any government permission

  Content or files that infringes the copyright or intellectual property rights

  RC Scripts/Bots or IRCD (irc servers)

  Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers

  Image Hosting Scripts

  AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites

  Bruteforce Programs/Scripts/Applications

  Malware, spyware, adware, spam, other malicious contents, materials, or codes

  Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts

  Highly Regulated Substances such as alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana, cannabidiol or CBD, LSD, and other cannabis driven products

  File Dump/Mirror Scripts

  Illegal Audio Streaming or Broadcast or Streaming of Live Sporting Events

  Investment Sites

  Lottery/Gambling Sites

  Hacker focused sites/archives/programs

  Sites promoting illegal activities

  Sending Bulk emails from the website, webmail, or using any script

  Content contains pornography and nutity

✔ Excessive server resources will result in account suspension until the user upgrades his package.

✔ We don’t allow any scamming and spamming using our service.

✔ If you try to spread hate or conflicts between any nation, religion, society, community using our service.

✔ We strictly prohibit anti-govt activities, cryptocurrency (for the restricted countries such as Bangladesh), any kind of money laundering activities, money, or investing scam. If any of our user does anything like this his account will be permanently terminated without any prior notification. No data will be provided to the user in case of any kind of abuse termination/suspension and you agree that you will not even ask for data backup if you violate the termination rules.

✔ HostNibo respects the existing law of Bangladesh. So, according to the existing law, if any cooperation is required for the law enforcement agencies, HostNibo will provide direct cooperation there and any kind of activity on a user’s website that is prohibited by international law and his local ICT act might result in account termination. (It may also result in a temporary termination/suspension, for legal investigation)

Failure to comply with the hosting GuideLines may lead to immediate account suspension or permanent termination without any prior notice and no backup will be provided in these cases. If you believe any user has violated our hosting guidelines or terms, please report to us by sending an email to

Hacking / DDoS / Interference

✔ We monitor the traffic flow on our network. If our systems detect suspicious traffic or activity, we may review it manually. We do not allow hacking, DDoS, interference to other users of HostNibo, or any other illegal work. Any such event will result in immediate suspension or permanent termination of that user’s service or services and the entire responsibility will fall on that customer.

DMCA Notice

✔ HostNibo is a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) compliant service provider that respects the copyright ownership of materials and reviews every valid DMCA Notice. After verifying the DMCA notice, we will attempt to contact the reported website owner via email and give them time to remove the reported content. Repeated instances of valid copyright infringement or avoidance of any action regarding the notice may lead to account suspension or termination of that user. HostNibo can only attempt to contact or take action on the services directly hosted with HostNibo. We do not have control over services that are not hosted with HostNibo.Before submitting a valid DMCA Notice, please verify if the service is actually hosted with HostNibo. Also, please be sure that you are the legal copyright owner or legally authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner and provide proper verifiable proof of original ownership. The complainant will be fully responsible if any harm or damage is done to the accused party by submitting a misrepresented or false information and/or the use of the content falls under fair use. HostNibo reserves the right to challenge the abuse of the DMCA process and we are not liable for any content hosted by our users. HostNibo is a shared hosting and relevant services providing a platform where users can start their websites and serve content that they have access to. We strongly discourage and prohibit the hosting of illegal or unlawful content on our platform and are willing to work closely with legal authorities to resolve any matter that may arise. The complainants must include their legal contact details while contacting us regarding DMCA Notice or other legal matters. You may send your properly formatted abuse complaints directly to Any complaints without proper information described here may be considered invalid.